Na Čendavš Farm lies in the dispersed village of Novaki in the Severna Primorska Region at the altitude of 600 metres. The main trail runs along the farm which leads forward to the Gorenjska Region (Bohinj, Bled, Triglav National Park). The nearest and bigger town Cerkno is only 7 kilometres away. The village was firstly mentioned in the 13th century. Allegedly, at that time, there lived only a few people and to make matters worse, they were wiped out by plague. Later on, new people settled there. The village of Novaki got its name from newcomers, because they were named Novačani (new villagers).

The history of the farm goes back to the 16th century and its main activities have always been livestock farming, milk production, agriculture and fruit farming. The farm consists of the old and new house and the cow barn with a shed. Two traditional double hayracks, which are used to dry hay and store agricultural tools, complete the view around the farm. 36 hectares of land stretch around the building. The barn and the house were ruined during the bombing in 1943 and then rebuilt in the same spot. Apartments and our home are in the new house which was built after earthquake in 1978.

The favourable location of our farm offers our guests ideal holidays as in the summer as in the winter. In the winter you can ski at the Ski resort Cerkno which is 2,5 kilometres away. In the spring, summer and autumn you can hike or cycle to explore surrounding hills, valleys and enjoy in the intact nature and beautiful views. Crossroads of Primorska and Gorenjska region offer many natural and cultural attractions.